Emerald Pools takes pride in providing our clients with 100-percent customer satisfaction throughout the entire design and build process until long after the pool is completed. Please take a few minutes to hear from previous clients about their experience with Emerald Pools, and know that when you choose Emerald Pools, you’re choosing the best in Dallas and the surrounding areas.


"Dear Cliff,

Just wanted to write and tell you we highly recommend Emerald Pools to anyone considering a pool project and have done so already on several occasions.  We can’t say enough about the professionalism and peace of mind we experienced throughout the entire process.  This project was a major investment for us and we considered several pool companies.  Further, we had never owned a pool before and needed a considerable amount of guidance on how to get what we envisioned at a price at which we were comfortable.  We went with your company because based on the information we gathered, we felt you would deliver the end result exactly as you promised and you did just that.  We absolutely love our beautiful pool and hot tub and have enjoyed it every single day since completion, which we might add was ahead of schedule.

We have heard all the “Pool Horror Stories”, and in fact, the people who recommended Emerald Pools to us had used a company that is no longer in business.  The best advice we can give anyone is to do your homework, look at the facts, and go with Emerald Pools.  You won’t be disappointed and you won’t have any regrets.  Thanks again Cliff for standing behind everything you said."
Jayne and Tony G.

"Dear Cliff:

As a first time pool owner both my husband and I were very nervous committing to a company building our pool.

We interviewed four other pool companies besides Emerald, all of them large national chains. During the interviews and subsequent reference checking, I detected a disconnect between the sales person and the crew actually doing the work.

I must say in your case we felt comfortable from the beginning and the subsequent experience proved us right. Your attention to detail and follow through made the entire experience a favorable one.

I especially appreciated your patience in answering my many questions, your ability to stick to a very tight schedule, and after installation follow up.

Both my husband and I can unconditionally recommend you and we would be happy to talk to any one considering installing a pool."
Elfi T. Mavronicles

"Dear Cliff:

As I swam in my pool this week, I realized how fortunate I was to have called you for some information on pools on May 7, 1998. I had already signed a contract with another company, but I had an uneasy feeling that something was not right. I had called 8 different companies before signing the first contract. Each of these companies, including the company I signed the contract with, had negative comments and alot of unprofessional tactics to use against their competitors. It was really starting to stress me out!! I had all but given up and was going to cancel my contract within the allowed time period and forget about getting a pool, then I tried one more company, Emerald Pools. You never once said anything negative about any of the companies I had mentioned to you , including the one I had a contract with. You asked me what I wanted, how much I wanted to spend and then arranged for us to meet to see if you could meet my needs on a pool.

After you came out to my home and we talked, I immediately cancelled my contract with the other company and signed a contract, instead, with Emerald Pools. You were honest and up front with me from the start. You never tried to sell me anything I didn't need or want. I told you what I wanted and how much I could afford and you worked it out so that I could get more for my money, even when it meant that your company would take somewhat of a loss. You cut corners without giving me less. The fact that I so desperately wanted a pool was not as much an issue you, as making me a happy customer.

You made sure each workcrew did what they were suppose to, when they were suppose to. You even through in extra pool equipment because one of your crews was delayed a few days on another job!! You answered all my calls within minutes, and worked around my schedule to get things done.

I feel like a friend has built my pool and not a company. I was so stressed out just trying to pick a company, let alone the worry of how well of a job they would do. From the day I signed the contract with Emerald Pools, I never worried or stressed out whether I made the right choice in the company I picked or in how things would turn out once my pool was completed.

We started my pool on May 29, 1998 and started to fill it on June 24, 1998. I could not believe how quick it all happened. We were swimming on June 26, 1998!!!! Our pool looks great and is a joy to come home to on a hot day after a stressful day at work.

I just want you to know how refreshing it is to know that you can still find an honest, dependable, and caring company that puts the customers needs first, and profit last. I would recommend you to anyone who is considering having a pool built by a company they could trust."
Patricia Mallia

"Dear Cliff, It's been over a year since you completed our pool and we wanted to thank you all for your hard work. We interviewed three pool contractors and we choose you because we felt confident after speaking with you that you could and would abide by the terms of our contract. You work with us to design and build our pool; kept us informed at all times; returned our calls promptly; and after the job was done called to see if everything was okay. We thoroughly enjoy our pool and made some new friends - you and Cynthia. Whenever you need a reference, we're here for you. Hope to see you soon."
The Clarksons


I am writing you this letter to express my appreciation for a job well done in building our pool. As you will recall, our pool was completed in November 1997. Despite the weeks of rain and uncooperative weather last fall, you successfully completed our pool not only in a timely fashion, but you also delivered a very good quality product that we have been most pleased to show our friends and family.  Your attention to on-time delivery of a quality product has been most appreciated.

It is now four months since completion of the pool and I have to tell you that I have been most pleased by the fact that you have continued to call us and inquire about our continued satisfaction with the pool.  Your interest in ensuring our satisfaction "after the sale" is a quality that I would like to see in more business relationships today.

When we were evaluating the various pool manufacturers, our selection criteria was based on: quality, price, delivery and service.  To our surprise, the process of elimination was quite easy and quicker than anticipated as we evaluated you and each of your competitors against the four criteria.  We have now had the opportunity to evaluate our decision and validate it relative to those initial four criteria once again.  Selecting Emerald Pools was certainly our best decision.  You not only satisfied those criteria, but you provided us a custom built pool at a price competitive with the "volume builders."

In closing, I want to say thanks for your honesty and integrity throughout the building process and the months that have followed.  Now we are anxiously awaiting the warm temperatures so that we may enjoy the pool.  Thank you again and best wishes for many years of continued success!"
Michael Smith

"To all prospective pool buyers,

We had a very satisfying experience with Emerald Pools. Working with Cliff Bechtold was easy. He recognizes and understands the emotional and financial impact building a pool has on families.

Cliff was very professional by always keeping us informed. We knew which sub-contractors were coming and when. The subs were very responsible, hardworking and kept our yard clean.

The entire experience was very pleasant especially since Cliff was always responsive and never difficult to reach. We wouldn't change a thing.

Thanks to Emerald Pools we have a beautiful pool and spa."
Nora F. & Mark G.

"Choosing Emerald Pools as the company to build my pool was a very good decision. Cliff takes the time to listen to what you want, is honest with his feedback to your choices and is very personable.

There are three things in my mind that made using Emerald Pools for the construction of my pool an experience as easy as it gets.

1. Honesty: Cliff Bechtold, the owner and construction supervisor, provides honest answers, and the price agreed upon is the price the pool will cost with no hidden additional fees that pop up as construction progresses. The excavation of my pool was a bit more time consuming that I think you would normally expect, as 10 inches into the ground the crew hit solid rock and a normally 2 day excavation turned into a solid week of chipping out the rock. From my quotes dealing with other pool companies, this harder than normal excavation would have cost me more than the agreed upon price. With Emerald Pools, the price didn't change in spite of this additional construction expense.

2. Communication: Cliff is very diligent about calling and informing you of what crew will be out and how the construction is progressing. If you have any questions, Cliff is there to pick up the phone or give a very quick call back to address anything you want to discuss.

3. Performance: It is obvious that Cliff cares what the finished product looks like and that you are happy with your pool. The construction also is done in a very timely manner." My pool rarely sat more than a few days between sub-contractors/phases, and is was clear the project was well coordinated to give a quick completion date.

Happy Pool Owner,"
Heath H.

"I have used Emerald Pools to build 2 pools. When I called Emerald Pools, Cliff came out and gave us an estimate and look at our site. I had called 6 different pool companies and he was about midway between them in price. What sold me on him was his honesty and integrity.

After starting the pool everything he told me was the truth. He did not try to embellish anything. I had asked him if he could get the pool done before the date he said and he said he could not promise this. But to my surprise he worked his magic and got it done.

When I moved and built a new house I had no reason to call any other pool builder other than Cliff Bechtold at Emerald Pools.

When I called him he came right out and gave me an estimate on the pool and I had so much faith in him that I had him pick the location of the pool. It turned out better than the first one.

I have and would continue to recommend Cliff and Emerald Pools to anyone. He turned out to be like family rather than just a pool builder. I would give him permission to use or send anyone to my home to view his work. I have heard horror stories of pools but Emerald Pools is the best I have ever talked with and had experience with/ I would recommend him highly.

My name is John Chomout and my cell is 512-567-8139 if anyone would like to contact me. Thanks Cliff my children love both pools you built. Cliff would always answer the phone or call me within 10-15 minutes. The best experience in building anything in my life."
John & Christine C.

"Emerald Pools built us a beautiful pool 3 years ago. Cliff made the entire process a real pleasure by being so personally involved in every aspect. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised by the timeliness of the project. Cliff's knowledge and passion shows in his quality of work."
David F. P.

"We selected Emerald Pools to build our pool after thoroughly checking out the company and Cliff's references. A theme quickly emerged when talking to his past customers of an extremely professional and timely builder. Our experience with him was just what we wanted.

Cliff was thorough, timely and an excellent communicator. Having been involved in other construction projects, my biggest concern is encountering the seemingly inevitable "unpleasant surprise". This never happened with Emerald Pools. The pool was completed on time, on budget and to our complete satisfaction. We receive constant compliments on our pool and have become one of those references that talks about Cliff's timely and professional approach to building pools.

Mike & Cindy R.

"Dear Emerald Pools,

1. I wanted to take a few minutes and put my thoughts in writing regarding Emerald Pools. As you know, there are a lot of pool companies to choose from. I met with several local area pool companies as well as one in San Antonio before choosing Emerald Pools. I have never been disappointed with my choice and in addition to having a beautiful pool custom built to our specifications; I had a pain-free construction and installation process to reflect on. It couldn't have gone smoother for us, from start to finish.

2. Emerald Pools was simply the most knowledgeable, the most helpful, the most considerate, the most professional, and the best-priced company we could have hoped for. The construction was fast, and painless, and the crews all went out of their way to work with us and get the job done right. Cliff gave me his word he'd do a fantastic job – and he kept his word. Emerald Pools did a stellar job for us; it's just that simple.

3. If I can recommend your services or Emerald Pools to anyone, I will. You are, without a doubt, the best professional contractor we've ever worked with and we'd use you again in a heartbeat. If you want a fantastic pool, at a fair price, without the missed dates and promises of other pool companies – go with Emerald Pools. We did, and we're very happy with the results.

Thanks again Cliff!"
Kevin & Chris Z.

"I highly recommend Emerald Pools to anyone considering putting a pool in. After interviewing a number of pool contractors, Cliff was a breath of fresh air. He clearly presented our options, made excellent recommendations, and helped us design the pool of our dreams. His no-nonsense approach, experience as a pool owner and builder, and long term relationships with his sub-contractors really made us feel comfortable that we had made the right decision in selecting Emerald Pools. But that was only the beginning. The best part about working with Cliff was his communication during the construction process. We were kept informed every step of the way as to what to expect. We heard from Cliff almost every day regarding the work that would be done. He even called us on the days when nothing was scheduled to explain why. He always responded promptly to our calls and answered every question we had. Cliff told us when we began that the entire process would take 8 weeks...we were swimming exactly 8 weeks after breaking ground! Even today, two years later, if I have a question about anything Cliff is responsive and always helpful.

I have had friends who chose other companies that made incredible promises that turned into a nightmare - including one that dragged out for 18 months. They were jealous that our pool was so great and went in so quickly - but most of all they were jealous of the relationship that we had with Cliff. We met Cliff through a number of friends that had used him and they all recommended him highly - I am now the one who recommends Cliff to all my friends!"
Michael S. L.

"Dear Cliff:

Jeri and I are so very proud to show off our new pool that you recently installed for us. It is more beautiful than we ever imagined that it could be.

We know that we made a great decision in choosing Emerald Pools. You even amazed us with meeting our time frame and were diligent in keeping us informed about the progress of your work and about what we should expect throughout the process.

The quality of your work and your dependability certainly explain the success that Emerald Pools enjoys today. I look forward to opportunities to recommend Emerald Pools to family, friends and acquaintances.

Thank you again for making the experience as well as the end result so pleasant.

Tommy & Jeri H.